Ep. 9 – Not Trying To Be A Poser…

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Hello! Welcome back to Chris In The Morning, an eclectic music show hosted by Christopher Bingham. This episode brings you a curated list of all sorts, old and new. A bit of a techno lean, some acoustic sounds, and a big band finish! Featured artists: Adolescents, Flume, Daniel Herskedal, Gospel, Wu-Lu, HAAi, Jamie Lenman, Crosses, The Decemberists, Bright Eyes, Miho Hazama (with The Danish Radio Big Band), & Yuka Kitamura from the soundtrack to Dark Souls 3.


The Loser by Gospel

The Loser by Gospel

After 17 years, Gospel return with this fantastic record. It slots right into any post-hardcore collection whilst being fiercely modern and individual. I’ll be listening to this a lot.


FlumeGET U
Daniel HerskedalCall For Winter
HAAiI’ve Been Thinking A Lot Lately
Jamie LenmanBones
CrossesThe Epilogue
The DecemberistsLake Song
Bright EyesLand Locked Blues
Miho HazamaI Said Cool
Yuka KitamuraFirelink Shrine