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Ep. 12 – Scratching The Surface (7 Sep 2022)

Chris In The Morning
Chris In The Morning
Ep. 12 – Scratching The Surface (7 Sep 2022)

Hello, and welcome back to Chris In The Morning! I was in a weird mood when I recorded this, so it’s a weird playlist… Featured artists: Arca, FKJ (feat. Santana), Polo & Pan, Wayne Snow, Sungazer, Show Me The Body, Backxwash (feat. Ada Rook), SVDDEN DEATH, Rezz, slowthai, Courtney Swain, and a little Alan Silvestri bringing us back to equilibrium.


Polo & PanAttrape-reve
Wayne SnowFigurine
Show Me The BodyTrash
BackxwashI Lie Here Buried
SVDDEN DEATHShallow Land Burial
RezzChemical Bond
SlowthaiT N Biscuits
Courtney SwainPhoenix
Alan SilvestriPorch