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Ep. 15 – Scale of Noise (12 Dec 2022)

Chris In The Morning
Chris In The Morning
Ep. 15 – Scale of Noise (12 Dec 2022)

How noisy is too noisy? In this episode of Chris In The Morning I’ve put together a playlist I’m calling the ‘scale of noise’, a journey through some of my favourite metal, punk, and noise artists in ascending order of so-called heaviness. It’s subjective of course, and there’s so much more out there… If you enjoyed this let me know and I might do it again! Featured artists: Deftones, HEALTH, Chelsea Wolfe, Mastodon, Boris, Black Peaks, Yourcodenameis:Milo (feat. Reuben), Slipknot, Palehorse, Chelsea Grin, Zu, White Ward, Code Orange, and a little surprise at the end.


DeftonesKnife Party (remix)
Chelsea Wolfe16 Psyche
Black PeaksHang ‘Em High
Yourcodenameis:MiloCaptain of Lies
PalehorseDon’t Bitch My Shit
Chelsea GrinSee You Soon
White WardSilence Circles
Code Orange(deeperthanbefore)
Code OrangeSwallowing
Tiny TimLiving in the Sunlight